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He took all the tests that his cardiologist wanted and everything turned out fine.

He does not need any type of heart surgery and he is recovering nicely but slowly. I got a message from my webmaster and he told me that my website membership is slowly dropping.

He suggested that I get more variety in my photos and make the photos more explicit. First thing is that I have one of the very few websites that update weekly and does not ask for more money from the fans who join my membership section. I do show it all and not just my top only like some other big breasted models I know without asking for more money. If you have any photo suggestions please e-mail me and let me know what your ideas are.

E-mail me at [email protected] all are very right when you say that most of my photos are glamour style shots taken at the few resorts I go to but to be honest I am running out of ideas.

I know you all are probably sick of all the Cancun photos but after so many years of shooting for my website, I just don’t know what else to shoot. From now on all domestic orders will have a .50 PER ITEM shipping cost.

All non-domestic orders will have a .00 PER ITEM shipping cost.

He was strapped down to the bed with his legs, arms and head strapped to the bed. The doctor told me that it was for his own protection because he still had a breathing tube down his throat and the doctors did not want him to try and pull it out until they were totally sure he could breathe on his own.

I was there the whole time and it was torture for him because the breathing tube was painful and very uncomfortable.

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You would also have to be STD tested within 2 weeks of coming here and you have to bring the test results with you. Feb 12th, 2015 Another long wait for a new newsletter.

Until next time be happy and make someone else happy. Minka March 1, 2016 Another long time between newsletters.

I have been out of country a few times with my latest trip being to Hawaii. It is a good tournament and I am thinking about putting my own team together for next years’ tournament. I was also in Cancun and Jamaica, my two favorite places for relaxation, sun tanning, playing beach and pool volleyball, EATING and disco dancing followed by time in the hot tub. Love, Minka I just got back from 10 days in Jamaica.

I just got back from Honolulu a few days ago where I played on an Invitational tournament. The weather there was beautiful for playing tennis. Both are also great places for meeting people and talking about the “world situation” On July 2nd I am going to Costa Rica with Ms Deauxma for a week. It is a condo type room from what I am told and you either cook for yourself or eat in the local restaurants, Can’t wait for that. I get thousands of junk mail every day and that is a pain in the ass. Every e-mail that does NOT have a subject message in the subject block, I just will not answer. Two of my five dogs are eighteen years old now and are just hanging in there. I have to put them down sooner or later before they suffer too much pain. From now on I am going out for 10 day trips, not one weekers.

We all went to dinner every night and paid our own way. I understand that after arriving in Costa Rica, I have to take a one engine propeller plane to get over the mountains to the condo. Going out for just one week does not seem to be worth it.

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Marvel at the impressive carved stone heads, and 15 foot high dagger-shaped stone monolith or "Lanzón" which lies inside a mysterious labyrinth of tunnels.

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This is a serious mountain with changeable weather conditions at any time of the year.

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the Nobel Prize-winning physicist and outspoken atheist Steven Weinberg: “With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”" data-reactid="31"If there was any comfort to be had in the wake of the shooting at a Texas church Nov.